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Webinar: User-Centred Data Protection

10th Feb, 2022

Is your business user-centred when it comes to data protection?

Listen to our recent webinar where Camilla Winlo from Gemserv, Bev Adams-Reynolds from Crisis and Philippa Harvey from the Cabinet Office offered a dynamic discussion about the decisions charities and central government departments make about their service user’s data. Many organisations view data protection as nothing more than a tick box exercise, with data collection often an afterthought. Yet by involving your data subjects from the start, and collecting only the data that is required, whilst also leading with a clear communication strategy you can develop a data protection strategy that is centred around users, and serves to protect vulnerable citizens.

Watch the webinar here:


Camilla Winlo

Head of Data Privacy

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Philippa Harvey

COP26 Control Tower Director (DD) at Cabinet Office

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Bev Adams-Reynolds

Data Protection Officer at Crisis

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