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James Higgins

Low Carbon Partner

James is a Low Carbon Partner and Founder at Ecuity with over 16 years of experience in energy and environmental policy. He strives to help clients solve problems, manage policy risks and opportunity, and to ultimately achieve their goals. He has a deep grasp of the policy framework, a wealth of campaign experience and a track record of developing winning ideas and strategies. 

At the heart of emerging policy interventions, James works hands-on with clients and the Ecuity team to develop persuasive narratives supported by technical and economic analysis. His clients include market leaders across the renewable, heating and energy efficiency sectors. 

Prior to founding Ecuity, he worked as a parliamentary specialist for Ofwat, the Economic Regulator of the water industry. He holds a First Class Honours in Politics from Liverpool University and an MBA in Global Energy from Warwick Business School, the world’s first energy industry-focused MBA. 

James enthusiastically juggles work with a vibrant home life and spends much of his free time with his wife and two young children. During rare moments of peace and tranquillity, he remains an avid observer of UK and international politics and is a fan of all sports.