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Moto Case Study

6th Apr, 2017

Client: Moto

Title: Moto Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Our Services: PCI DSS

The challenge

Moto are the largest Motorway Service Area (MSA) operator in the UK, providing retail, hospitality and rest areas for the UK Motorway traveller.

Moto currently service 126 million transactions per annum, with their market share being 43.5%, which is double that of any other competitor.

Moto approached Gemserv to assist them with their annual Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) assessment for January 2013.

Our approach

The initial engagement involved our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) working closely with the Moto team in reviewing the PCI scope for completing a version 2.0 Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) C. Through sampling a number of onsite assessments the Gemserv QSA observed and reviewed evidence with Moto stakeholders, demonstrating to the QSA that Moto were compliant with PCS DSS. This then enabled our QSA to produce the Attestation of Compliance (AoC) which was reviewed with the Moto Management and subsequently signed off by both parties.

Since the MOTO 2013 assessment, Gemserv have provided further PCI consultancy for the Moto migration to version 3.0 of the PCI DSS. This proactive approach allowed Moto to understand their perceived position with the additional 3.0 controls, and highlighted areas that would need remediation and the additional resource to address them.

Following this initial engagement Moto and Gemserv have built strong relationships and forged a partnership that sees them continue to work together.

The outcome

After a significant rise in the number of card transactions being processed through the Moto PED estate, Moto were elevated to a TIER 1 Merchant by their Acquirer. The Moto estate is therefore required to have a more in depth review, including a more comprehensive assessment involving a full QSA led assessment and ultimately leading to a Report on Compliance (RoC).

Through working with Moto, our consultants have helped them to understand the impact resulting in change assessment process and the need for a review of the network and associated control functions and support which is outsourced to a third party.

This ongoing consultation and the close working relationships Gemserv have built with the key Moto stakeholders, has helped Moto progress their PCI project. In addition Gemserv have provided support and training for the Moto team and their key third party supplier in preparation for the 2016 assessment. Our involvement and input into the overall project work tasks have enabled them to get an extension to their annual reassessment date with the Acquirer.